The Best Way To Identify Scam Program!

Everyday we has been flooded by new ‘easy money’ program. None knew is it true or not, but in my experience since 5 years ago (when this kind of program start blasting everyway), 99.99% of ‘easy money program’ are SCAM!

Stupid people those desperate for money promoting their annoying affiliate link all around our emails. Spamming forum with their topics promoting the program, hijacking people discussion, disturbing view of a forum with their affiliate link signature.. and they do anything… everywhere!!!..

OK.. Now..
What is the best way to identify scam program?
Easy.. sooooo easy… ask the Super Professor Uncle Google!

Type : <internet program name> scam
Then push enter! Example:

Then, the results listed :

Then? What to do next?

Logical thinking must be above all! emotion, desperate for money, etc etc!

The situation is, when there’s a new program… many ‘lab rats’ will register and start to flood everywhere.. Some people will ask in forums about the program. Someone will post in the blog about the program. Then, the very professional people around the world will analyzed the situation, will research about the web and will list any ‘not right thing’ about it!. Even they got paid or not!

If most researched result turn to the bad side.. = the program 99.99% possibly SCAM!…Well there’s always defenders saying that the program is true and ok, normally the earlier batch those got little payment.

But the truth is always out there. 🙂

Now!.. Spread this post all around your blog if you think it’s worth!
Save your friend, family even enemy from falling down into Scam World 😀