Tiara Lestari? Indonesia Playboy Cover Girl?

Tiara Lestari
Dimana-mana pun orang cerita tentang dia, tentang indonesia, tentang islam dan sebagainya…. Soalnya, siapa Tiara Lestari?Tiara Lestari berkata :

I am originally from Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world. Residing in Singapore, modeling has been my passion and profession. My journey as a model has taken me to the cover of Playboy in a far away land and right in the center of a national controversy. It plunged me into depth of humility without prejudice or guilt. It guides me to see through changes, places and faces. Through it all, I understand that life itself is full of surprises that neither reason, nor logic can comprehend. It certainly has been a journey filled with joy and turbulence. It is a journey from sensuality to elegance. This is my journal. Tiara Lestari’s Personal Journal. Welcome to my life.


However, I was aware of one thing; I appeared in a country that does not consider Playboy and nudity as taboo. My appearance was never intended for consumption of Indonesia. How many Indonesians do you now read Playboy Spain? My pictures circulating on the internet happened without my being consulted. I do not have rights to those pictures. Not offending my countrymen was one of the criteria of my decision making process in appearing in Playboy Spain. (Boleh klik jika anda 18 tahun keatas)


How do I feel about potentially being on the first cover of Playboy Indonesia? Just like my pictures circulating on the Internet… not much I can do about it. I do not have rights of my old pictures, so they can requests those pictures without my approval. If Playboy Indonesia ask me to be on the first cover, I will humbly decline such request.
There ya go.. my personal opinion.


taken from blog dia di : http://tiaralestari.blogspot.com/
Nak lebih cari kat google. Dari segi pandangan nafsu dan seorang lelaki normal.. Dia memang seorang pompuan yang ada Bodylicious .. 😆

Eleh.. kat malaysia nih lagi ramai Anak Tak Dara yang lebih dari Tiara Lestari nih.. Pergi aja lewat malam or jam 2 – 3 pagi dibeberapa tempat2 hiburan terkenal atau lorong2…. Huh!

Tengok Edisi Siasat NTV7 dulu ttg remaja umur 13 tahun kat Melaka tuh pun dah bleh tau.. Ada kementerian dan badan2 berkaitan buat tindakan susulan dan berterusan? Hah? Pooorah!.. tentang Playboy. Black Metal, Satan Ritual, Bla bla bla rajin plak amik tahu. Bab seks bebas dan pelacur merata-rata tuh senyap plak??? Haper nih? Ulama tunjuk-tunjuk? Angguk2 geleng2?