Arrghhh!!! Again and again!

It’s new begining. Started from early this 2006. As usual and past unsuccessfully plan = to keep my site (this always updated. But most of my mission failed. I just can’t update my weblog as well.

For the sake of this new year with the new weblog engine system (undisclose). I will keep it as long as i can. Coz as a person those knew too much about web, about designing, about everything. Its all mean i’am a very hard to satify myself taste 😀 (personal though and justification – haha).

From the past years in web designing and developement world. I had too many website and i can’t remember most of it. *Sigh*
Maybe this one is a 77th version one!. Haha… Who’s care about it!.

Wish…. wish.. in this 2006, this weblog will never be the same as before. And i want to escape from my past priority = ‘good design/good looking’ website into a ‘good and rich contents’ kinda website. Pray on me. 🙂

So, for everybody those knew me before.. Sorry, dont ever expect u can get a nice looking website again in here 😀 . Contents based site start from now and so on. TQ.

// but i still cant escape from my ROJAK languange and BROKEN ENGLISH!.. Err Manglish = like malaysian’s way! 😉 Ooo.. come-on, i’m still trying hard to improve my english writing skill. Please guide me buddy!.