2017 MSF Round Finale @ Sepang International Circuit

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Sunday 3rd December 2017 marked the end of Malaysia Speed Festival a.k.a MSF.  Round Finale (6) seems successfully executed. I who follow since their SNF series held several years ago.

However, this year I was bit busy with my job which sometime clash with my schedule. But still, I do go when free. This time we were lucky got sponsored while enjoying the race. It wasn’t much, but it’s good enough indeed. You sapot I, I sapot u hahaha.

Special thanks to F-Tuned Racing Suspension. (Bro Wan Ahmad Farouk , Kak Shima & Mohammad Faiz ) for sponsoring us (Mazda Ford Geng Kontot) t-shirt, food and beverage at F-tuned pit-stop.

#GengKontot #FTuned

Motorsports are about making friends! Enjoy the photos!

// me neither pro nor master in photography. It’s my HOBBY and PASSION!

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