2016 Year End TT Sesion Putrajaya of our local Ford Mazda enthusiast

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It was a Xmas night actually, 25th December 2016, a TT session held at our very own Putrajaya Boulevard. “TT” is a short-form derived from Teh Tarik Session. Just like a meetup, or hang-out with buddies outside there who got the same interest. Enjoying coffee, cookies, and so on.

So, because the X-mas is on Sunday, then Monday is a public holiday replacement. It’s a bit weird events actually, because at first, it was planned secretly by our Ford & Mazda Hatchback WhatApps group. In our list it’s about 15 car confirm their attendance on that night.

However, then it’s also another group create TT session on the same day with us!. Although some issue arise in the beginning, but it’s ok, we calmed down and just make it happen. Motorsports are make buddies, not enemies!.

Yeah.. let me say thanks to all parties, either from our Hatchack / GengKontot, Mazford, BD/BF, Lantisan of MLCOM and some Killerbees who actually share same interest which is Ford & Mazda Enthusiast Malaysia.

But hey! Nonetheless, It’s a very MASSIVE crowd either the car and homo sapiens BTW!!! (estimated 50 + cars, in the middle of 26 Boulevard!)

* Credit to my Alpha‘s Animation students who tagged with me, took photos and videos : Farhan Izhar & Ahmad Faisal – Photos edited by me.

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